Custom Clearance

We are Customs Clearing Agents, ensuring smooth and easy customs clearance for all our customers, so that they receive their goods on time. Our Customs Brokers help ease Import and Export regulations and paperwork in record time for all of your shipments. Handling all the trade compliance and procedures, we help clear consignments by sea, rail, land and air more efficiently.


Understanding local rules

Our expert team do a proper study of all local rules and regulations so that they can help you overcome even the most complex matters of trade compliance. We identify the demands, challenges and hurdles for your business and help you arrange your paper work accordingly so that day-to-day formalities are met and business flows smoothly.


Custom Clearance Services

Committed to achieve customer satisfaction
Highly efficient working procedures
Experience in handling different commodities
Customer-centric policy and actions approach
Complete documentation

Customs Brokerage

When you want to import/ export your cargo is imperative to work with a company that will ensure that your goods through customs on time. Our team of brokers are licensed through the Mozambique Customs and Border Protection agency and are well-versed in tariff and custom laws, ensure procedures are followed properly and regulations and requirements are met the first time, allowing them to foresee and avoid potential obstacles to customs clearance and safely guide your shipments through the complex import customs clearance process in Mozambique.